Faerie Magic

Researching Enchantments

Researching enchantments is simply a case of finding an appropriate reference in a grimoire and spending the time to study it. It takes a good deal of time to master an enchantment however, with most taking a few months to fully control.

Casting Enchantments

This is straightforward. Simply roll your current magic rating minus the number of active enchantments. If you fail to botch, the enchantment is cast.

Each enchantment effectively reduces the Magic stat of the caster, but offer permanent effects. Magic “lost” to an enchantment returns after 1 hour of ending the enchantment.

Making an enchantment lasting

It’s possible to invest magic permanently into an enchantment. This permanently reduces the magic stat by one, but the cost of restoring that magic level with experience is half the cost it would normally be.

Some magical materials allow for an investment of certain enchantments, but this varies by the material.

Faerie Magic

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