Professor Katharine Corbett


Professor Katherine Corbett take the running of the school quite seriously. She has little patience for troublemakers and time wasters, but she appreciates those who do well and excel.

She spends most of her time running the school and is rarely seen except for school assemblies and special occasions.

She is almost always accompanied by one of her many birds, a collection she proudly keeps in the aviary at the top of the school. Her collection includes a wide variety of birds, including several corvids and a multitude of songbirds. Some whisper that she has conversations with them, though there has never been any suggestion that she is a practiced witch.

Indeed some wonder why a seemingly ordinary woman would be put in charge of such a powerful and impressive institution. That she has been unchallenged in her seat for well over a decade makes it all the more impressive.


Professor Katharine Corbett

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