Margaret "Honey" Fitzgerald

Flapper Ritualist


House: Stoker
Age: 17
Blood Type: B-


The youngest daughter of the Earl of Kildare – a family noted for their involvement in magic (particularly ritulistic).

As she’s not needed as the heir or the spare by her family, she seeks to distinguish herself in the ritualist field, and has become slightly obsessive in the pursuit of new rituals to learn. She is often found with her nose in a book and a pen or pencil tucked behind on ear.

She has made no secret for her disdain of being forced to attend the Cavendish academy, although she admits, the opportunity to learn more about magic is the only thing keeping her from getting expelled.

She attends the Academy with her Automata servant, and is a member of House Stoker.

Margaret "Honey" Fitzgerald

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