The Cavendish Academy

Dear Student,

Congratulations on being accepted into the Cavendish Academy, irrefutably the most well recognised centre for educational excellence in the British Imperium. You will need to make sure you have all the necessary equipment for the first day of class.

  • One blazer, black, with the trim the colour of your house.
  • One school tie, the colour of your house
  • White shirts and black trousers
  • Notebooks
  • Black fountain pens
  • Pencils, HB
  • Automata servants may be allowed on agreement with the school
  • Witches may bring a familiar as long as it can demonstrate good training

The school will provide the necessary books and you will have access to the exhaustive library for any additional research materials.

Each student will be provided with a ticket to an airship which will take them to the Academy. Parents may accompany their children to the school before the start of term, but parents are not allowed within the school grounds without prior written agreement with the faculty.

The Cavendish Academy : Steampunk Sonata

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